Angular vs VueJs vs ReactJs Statistics

While starting a new web development project, we will be considering among these famous web frameworks such as: Angular (newer version of AngularJs, a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework backed by Google), VueJs ( was created by former Google employee, is used by Alibaba, GitLab, Baidu) and ReactJs (is maintained by Facebook, is used by Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Twitter, Udemy, Paypal, Reddit, Tumblr, Walmart, and many more). Do you know which one is winning the ‘hearts’ of developers around the world?

If we consider the past year, Angular seems like the winner, React comes in second on the list, leaving a small share for Vue.js.

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According to StackOverflow of 2019 – React.js and Vue.js are both the most loved and most wanted web frameworks by developers, while Drupal and jQuery are most dreaded.

And React.Js and Vue.Js repositories are currently growing very fast on Github:

We don’t want to be biased toward any frameworks. We believe your requirements must be met regardless of the technologies or frameworks. The above statistics are gathered for your references from reliable sources.

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