Life At DataHouse Asia

A Milestone To Celebrate!

2019 was a great milestone for DataHouse Asia, the year-end party and work anniversary are great opportunities to honor our dedicated colleagues and together kick up a wonderful 2020!

Year-End Party

You might not know that “Forget the year” was a Year-end party. It is time for us to forgive and forget the bad experiences of the past year and start the new year with a fresh and happy mind. However, our celebration night is a day for us to remember! We express love and appreciation toward our beloved members and co-workers.

After an entire hardworking year, the end of year party is a special occasion that all company members are always eagerly waiting.

Not only a summary of the year’s activities, it is also the chance for our team to sit together and listen to the achievements, successes, efforts that everyone has achieved together in the past year.

Work anniversary

Our team has dedicated and contributed to the development of DataHouse and working with a team of 29-awesome-people in 2019 is a great thing. That is the reason why we’d like to express our appreciation and thankfulness to them in their work anniversaries

The food challenge could not create any difficulty for our talented chefs but filled us with happiness and yummy dishes!

Let’s keep up your good work and looking ahead to a better year together with DataHouse Asia!

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